What’s this all about anyway?

As briefly as possibly, I’d like to tell you why I started blogging and what my site is about.

How did I get here – to the state of blogging? This is a good question.  Actually, I fought doing this for some time.  Two years ago I contemplated blogging.  I even asked my husband (he’s my go to guy for technology questions) what he thought about a particular blog site.  His response: “Seems ok.”  And what did I do with that knowledge?  I left his email message in my inbox for 16 months and stared at it often.  Then I heard about a blogging seminar being held last June.  I went to it.  For two months afterwards I read over the notes I took during the seminar, and spent time talking myself into and then back out of blogging.  The last thing the speaker said was, “Just try it out and see what happens.”  Those words resonated within me until August, which is when I finally jumped in to the blog world.

Why am I blogging?  Well, as I stated earlier, I mentally battled against myself for some time.  Honestly, I’m kind of shy about my writing, so I really haven’t talked about this topic too often with too many people.  However, I do like to write and feel that I am being nudged to write more.  I thought this would be a good starting point.  As my husband regularly tells me, “You’ve got to start somewhere.”

What topics will I write about?  Typically I use every day life events and interweave encouragement through the stories I share.  Sometimes I add scripture to these stories, and merge in ties to biblical characters.  In the future I may include poetry, photos with information of places that I visit, and interviews of interesting people that I meet in life.

Who would I like to connect with via this blog?  I would like to connect with people who need encouragement.  Maybe there is someone who is struggling and just needs to hear some kind words or needs someone to empathize with them.

If I make it through the year, what do I hope to accomplish?  While I would like to become a better writer, I would also like to make a difference in the lives of others.  That is my main goal, making a difference in the lives of others.

How about a few final thoughts for this post?  It takes a community of writers with different ideas and writing styles to tell the stories of the world.  I am one in this vast community who hopes that you will stop by often and find out what’s going on as I continue to explore the question, “What’s this all about anyway?”



8 thoughts on “What’s this all about anyway?

  1. Most blogs (mine included) are quite inwardly focused. It’s really great to see a blog looking outward and trying to make others’ lives better. I look forward to your encouragement and inspiration!


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