A Spotlight on Other Blogs

From time to time on this site I would like to shine the spotlight on a few fellow bloggers.  Today I would like to showcase three who are new to the world of blogging.

The first blog I want to introduce to you is Inspired Glass.  The focus of this site is the written and photographic history of stained glass windows in the Kansas City area.  The author also adds window photos and historical facts from his travels.  Stained glass windows mesmerize me, so I think I could get lost in the world of this site.  I find myself regularly visiting Inspired Glass.


The second site I want to introduce to you is Life with a Yellow Bike:  Considerations, observations and stories from the saddle of a bicycle.  Every photo this individual posts includes the yellow bike.  From what I gather, the author of this post is from Ireland, which intrigues me further.  I have enjoyed reading the yellow bike stories, and catching a glimpse of life’s events from a different perspective and a different country.


The final site I want to introduce to you today is Star and Scissor.  This blog features historical costuming and crafting.  If you are a costume history buff or interested in costumes from the Elizabethan, Victorian, or Regency Era, you should check out this site. The creations on this site are amazing and the costumer is definitely talented!





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