What? You are moving?

Yes. We are moving. But we aren’t moving south like I had hoped. We are moving further north to New York.

Why would we do that? Well, my husband’s new job is one reason, but the main reason is because we truly believe that God is leading our family on a new adventure.

And so as we wrap up our time here in the Susquehanna Valley Region, we find ourselves preparing to move to an area that, until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know existed. In fact, Google informed me that I also didn’t know how to correctly spell the name of the area we are headed to. No surprise there. New York has never been on my radar as a state that I aspired to live. For years I had my fingers crossed in hopes of moving to a warmer climate not a colder one. But alas, that is not the case. And so we set our sights on a new town, a new journey, and a new life of sorts.

This has already been quite the adventure. For several weeks the only thing we knew was that my husband had a new job. We had no clue about the rest of the details. And we had lots of questions:

Where will we live?

Will we be able to sell our house?

Where will we go to church?

Where will I work?

What if we don’t sell our house?

Where will the girls go to school?

Will I ever work again?

Will I ever teach again?

Will we make friends?

How long will we live there?

Is this it? Is New York the place where we will retire?

What are we doing to ourselves?

Will we move again anytime soon?

Are we out of our minds?

You should know that this was not a knee jerk decision. For quite some time we have prayed about a job change, and this job surfaced somewhat out of the blue.  Actually the job appeared after a cry out to God for a miracle. By all accounts this job does seem to be the miracle we prayed for, but the miracle comes at a price. Perhaps the better descriptor is that it comes in the form of a decision about faith and obedience. Do we truly believe that God is still the God of the universe, and a God who cares for his own? And will we, as a family, step out in faith and follow what God is asking us to do?

Our answer to those questions: “Yes.” So we are packing our bags and heading north to unfamiliar territory. And we are trusting God for His perfect timing to reveal the answers to all of the questions asked above.

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