Twenty-one – a quantity that could refer to anything.

Such as . . .

Twenty-one pairs of shoes

Twenty-one lemons

Twenty-one weeks

Twenty-one homework assignments

Twenty-one miles

Twenty-one cents

Twenty-one pieces of junk mail

Twenty-one bottles of sprite on the wall

Twenty . . . one . . . of . . . something . . .

How about twenty-one, a quantity of significance, a quantity of something special!

For me, that’s what twenty-one symbolizes. That number represents everything I ever hoped for. It represents everything I ever dreamed about. The number twenty-one represents everything I could ever have imagined – and more, because that number is the number of years I have been married to the most incredible man in the world.

Twenty- one!

So this post is dedicated to my husband, Gary.

During these twenty-one years we have traveled a lot of roads together. Some have been easy roads, and some have been a bit more challenging to maneuver. However, I would not trade any road we have traveled together for another road of any other caliber. We have learned more and become a stronger team by walking hand-in-hand and working together through any situation that life threw at us.

I want you to know that I appreciate everything you do for us, and all of the sacrifices that you make for this family do not go unnoticed. I appreciate your strength, your wisdom, your work ethic, your dedication, and how you care for us. You are a godly man who seeks to follow the One you serve.

I hope you know that if time reversed itself and we were back at this date twenty-one years ago, that I would wholeheartedly shout at the top of my lungs the words “I DO” and marry you all over again. Here’s to the next twenty-one!


All my love,


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