Lancaster County Ten

When this post appears in print, I will be somewhere in the air. During the past few years, when the final leg of any trip concluded, I always found myself in the familiar territory of Lancaster County. Not so this time.

I penned this list a few months ago, but held off on posting it because the timing wasn’t right. Today seemed appropriate to discuss this list.


While mentally processing this move, there are times when something articulates nostalgia. The other day as I was going through my day I began to think of things I will miss about Lancaster County. I came up with a list of 10. It’s not an exhaustive list, but a starter list of things that will be out of reach on a daily basis.

  1. Desserts – I don’t know what it is about the desserts in this county, but there are some delicious treats created here. From pies to cakes to chocolates and more, the delectable edibles are delightful.


  1. The American Music Theatre – This is my favorite concert venue. It’s easily accessible with ample parking, the staff is friendly, and there’s not a bad seat in the house. I’ve enjoyed quite a few concerts there and even met a few stars. I will miss being too far away to hop in the car and be at a show within minutes.



  1. The close proximity and variation of shops. We can be at a variety of stores in about five minutes. That’s not going to happen once we move. I think a shopping trip will have to be strategically placed within my week.
  1. Grocery Stores / farmers markets / sweet corn – I don’t have a favorite grocery store, there’s too many to choose from and I seem to stop at them all on a regular basis. My favorite farmers market though is Reiff’s. This is where I stock up on the sweet corn. The sweet corn from this area is delish! I love sweet corn so much that I could make a meal out of corn on the cob . . . and I have on several occasions eaten way too many ears of corn in one sitting.

sweet corn

  1. The culture / farmland – the Pennsylvania Dutch / Plain community definitely influences the area. I will miss that influence, the picturesque landscapes, pony carts, and seeing the Amish hard at work in the fields or on their farms.


  1. Horse & Buggy sightings – Lancaster County is the only place I know of where you can go through the drive thru of the bank and see a horse and buggy in one lane, and on the other side of you in another lane, see an Amish person on a scooter or bicycle or even on foot.
  1. Chick-fil-a – I waited for years for a store to open in Lancaster County. We finally got one and now I am moving to a place in upstate New York that does not have a Chick-fil-a within 100 miles.
  1. My job and the class of 2016 – There is not enough room on this page to even begin to say what’s in my heart regarding these two items. A part of my heart will stay here with you all, and you all will forever be a part of my heart.


Class of 2016

  1. My church – Where would I be without my church? The messages preached here have been challenging, healing, stretching, timely, and God filled. As we walked through the gut wrenching decision to move, God definitely used the messages and folks within our church community as a means to help us hear HIS voice and to guide our path.
  1. Friends who are more like family – LC, church, small group, community – There are no words that I could even speak that would do justice to how I feel about each of you. All I know to say is, “Thank You for being a part of my life – our life. I pray God’s blessing over each of you. I love you and hope to see you all again soon.”

What about you?  What do you say? What are some of the best things about your neck of the woods? Whom or what would you miss if you moved to a different town or state or country?

If you want to comment but do not want your response to be a part of the dialogue, feel free to click on the contact link and respond that way. Your message will go directly to my in-box.

Jill Printzenhoff

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