Taking Chances – Taking Risks

Recently I was asked, “What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out?”

I mulled over the question, but needed some clarification before I could respond. If the word chance referred specifically to gambling on something, then I couldn’t answer the question from that point of view. However, if the word chance meant taking risks without a guaranteed outcome, then I could attempt to answer the question from that aspect.

Yet, even by replacing the word chance with the word risk, I struggled to answer the revamped question, “What’s the biggest risk I ever took?” Because there are multiple events that fit into the big risk category, I couldn’t limit my response to a single event. So, I have listed five.

5.) Majoring in science. At the time, I honestly had no idea why I chose this major. This decision could have turned out to be a complete failure. Thankfully, even though I didn’t realize it during my college years, God was guiding this decision. Clarity; however, took years to unfold. In fact, I am still discovering the positive impacts of this risk.

4.) Walking away from a job to follow God’s leading in a new direction (this happened multiple times as God continued to refine His calling on my life).

3.) Our moves to: southern Texas, central Pennsylvania, and upstate New York.

2.) Writing. Putting thoughts on paper is one thing, but allowing others to view those words is beyond terrifying.

1.) Turning my life over to Christ and allowing Him to have complete control. Honestly, this is a huge risk because by doing so, I am no longer leading, but following. So, how’s this working for me? Well, releasing the reins is a daily process, but by far, has been the best decision I have ever made. Because of taking this leap, He paved the road for the items listed in 2-5 to occur.

Could any of the events listed in 2-5 happen without God’s guidance? Maybe number 5 and perhaps our move to south Texas, but the rest would have been unlikely or completely disastrous.

If there is one thing that I continue to learn throughout life’s journey, it’s that I need God’s guidance on a daily basis to see clearly through the fog of this world. Personally, I’d rather follow in His footsteps than go off on my own trail. And while I may not always understand the direction we are going, I do know that He will never lead me astray. Doing my own thing; however, is a good way to get lost. I’ve been lost before, but thankfully, through Him, that’s no longer the case.

Yes, placing my life in His hands does involve risk, but it’s definitely a risk worth taking.

by Jill Printzenhoff

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