A few weeks ago, my family and I went kayaking on Keuka Lake. Fishing was my goal, but thanks to the wind, my boat would not stay in one place.

After being blown across the lake several times, I remembered the anchor. Rummaging through my supplies, it didn’t take long for me to realize my anchor was in the vehicle at the boat dock. I was anchorless.

The wind was relentless, and most of the day, I wound up casting my line and floating over it, or dragging my line behind me. Several times I was blown into the bushes. Once, I even floated into the middle of the boat channel. I needed an anchor.

During the summer, our family took a giant leap of faith when we followed God’s leading and moved from Lancaster County to New York. We left jobs, friends, our church family, and all that was familiar to us. We relied on our anchor.

“One day Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Let’s go over to the other side of the lake.’ So they got into a boat and set out. As they sailed, he [Jesus] fell asleep. A squall came down on the lake, so that the boat was being swamped, and they were in great danger” Luke 8:22-23 NIV. They needed their anchor.

“The disciples went and woke him [Jesus], saying, ‘Master, Master, we’re going to drown!’ He [Jesus] got up and rebuked the wind and raging waters; the storm subsided, and all was calm” Luke 8:24 NIV.

Jesus is the anchor.

by Jill Printzenhoff

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