FerVent – A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer – Book Review & Give Away

This blog post features a review of Priscilla Shirer’s new book, FerVent – A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer.  Details on the book give away are listed at the end of this post.



In her book, FerVent, Priscilla Shirer begins several chapters with the same phrase “If I were your enemy. . . .” It’s a phrase that grabs our attention. It’s a phrase that reminds us we are under attack. It’s a phrase Priscilla uses to introduce ten specific areas the enemy targets in his attempt to ensnare us, deter us, or derail us.

And how does the enemy target us? Well, he:

  • Attacks our passion
  • Steals our focus
  • Causes us to question our identity
  • Lays siege on our families
  • Drudges up our past
  • Plants fears in our mind
  • Entices us to sacrifice our purity
  • Uses life’s pressures against us
  • Reminds us of our past hurts
  • Instigates conflict in our relationships

As Priscilla examines each of these tactics, she also outlines strategies for thwarting the enemy’s attacks. And how do we thwart the enemy? Through prayer, FerVent prayer.

FerVent is packed with encouragement, anecdotes, and specific Scriptures relevant to each chapter’s topic. At the end of each chapter, Priscilla initiates a call to action. That is, she prompts readers to use the chapter material and scriptures to write specific prayers for each area susceptible to the enemy’s attacks. Then she invites us to wage war against the enemy by fervently praying these personal prayers on a regular basis.

Quoting from the opening page: “By the time you are finished reading (and working) through this book, the front cover shouldn’t be able to close neatly back over on itself. It should be noticeably disfigured.” And that’s exactly how my copy of the book is beginning to look – disfigured from reading, turning pages, underlining paragraphs, and sharing snippets with friends.

Every chapter of this book penetrated me to the core and challenged me to hit my knees in prayer and declare war on the enemy.

Single or married, young or old, this book is for all women who want to jumpstart, restart, or ramp up their prayer life.

Don’t allow the enemy to gain the upper hand. Become aware of the enemy’s tactics, and combat those tactics and the enemy with prayer – FerVent prayer.


What are some of your prayer strategies? Do you have a favorite place to pray? Did you see the movie, War Room? For a chance to win a free copy of this book join in the conversation and leave your comments in the comment section below, on Facebook, or via email at jillzprint@icloud.com. I’d love to hear from you.

The FerVent book give away is open to everyone of any age, male or female, from Monday, November 2, 2015 until 8 PM CST on Monday, November 9, 2015.

One winner will be selected at random after 8 PM CST on Monday, November 9, 2015.

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