Getting to Know Kelly F. Barr, Writer – Guest Post

Today’s post sneaks a peak into the writing life of Kelly F. Barr.  Grab a cup of coffee and join Kelly as she shares pieces of her writing journey.


Hello, my name is Kelly F. Barr. I am doing a guest post at Jill’s request. I have had a love for writing for thirty-nine years now. I began to love writing when I was encouraged by two of my school teachers.

However, I put my desire to become a published writer on hold when my husband and I decided to start a family, and then to homeschool. Then, two years ago, I decided to start studying writing again because I had been away from it for so long and knew that things had changed, especially with the Kindle and other eBook readers becoming a new rage.

So, I began to look online, and I found Jeff Goins, who writes a lot about writing. I read something of his that said something like if you want to be a writer, you need to write and you need to believe you are a writer. He said the best way to come to that belief is to start calling yourself a writer. These points made a lot of sense to me, so I put them into practice. The next things that I read by Jeff Goins were about the importance of blogging and the importance of joining a writers’ group.

I was not new to blogging, as friends had introduced me to blogging about four years before that, and I have actually had several blogs. But after reading Jeff Goins information, I decided to start a new blog and make it all about writing. Then I began searching online for a writers’ group, and I was blessed to find that there was a Christian writers’ group that meets once a month in my area. I decided to try it out, even though going to new places alone is out of my comfort zone.

Well, I am so glad that I went to that group because it continues to be a blessing today. I have been faithfully attending for two years now, about to start the third year, and I have come to love it! I have learned so much and continue to learn. I have made friends and great connections through the group, and I will have a single devotional published in a devotional book that is due to come out in the middle of 2016 because of an email I responded to that was sent through the group!

Those were all wonderful blessings that God has given me for deciding to give my writing over to him. You see, in the beginning, when I was writing as a young person, my desire was to become a famous, best-selling novelist and to make a lot of money. Now, to be completely honest, I still want some recognition and I want to make money to help my hard-working husband, but I no longer want the “rich and famous” label. As an older and wiser Christian woman, I realize that my writing talent comes from the loving God who created me in His image for His pleasure, and I want to glorify Him.

Therefore, I turned my writing over to Him, and I continually pray for His guidance and direction in my writing. I pray that He will bring ideas to me and that He will bless my writing efforts, and that is exactly what He is doing. Just today, I was contacted by a friend who is the editor of our local homeschool magazine and she asked me if I would be willing to write an article or two for the magazine. I was thrilled! It doesn’t matter to me right now that these little writing successes don’t pay money because what they are doing is giving me exposure and experience. Therefore, I know that God is leading and He is blessing and I trust that He will bring me some income in His timing. I believe because I am faithful and I have given my desire over to Him, that He will bless my writing, and He has already begun to do so.

In addition to the little publishing opportunities, God has blessed me with, He has also blessed me with the ability to teach and encourage others in their writing – to share my passion and enthusiasm, as I am teaching a great group of teens in our homeschool co-op this year about the many aspects of writing and publishing that I have learned about during the past two years and continue to learn about. In addition to this group, I have found that two other friends have a desire and talent for writing, and they then introduced me to another friend with a desire and talent for writing, and the four of us are meeting once a week to write, bounce ideas off of each other, get opinions from one another and encourage one another in our writing endeavors.

Finally, God blessed me with a brand new friend in May of this year because I was brave enough to tell a woman I had just met that I am a writer, and the enthusiasm and excitement that she responded with surprised me. Then she told me that I was an answer to her prayers as she had been looking for a Christian writing group that she could be a part of. She and I have been meeting once a month to encourage each other in our writing and sharing what God is doing through our writing.

I am thankful for God’s faithfulness in blessing me in my writing, and I encourage you to seek God’s will and blessings in following your dream(s), whether it is to be a writer or a carpenter or whatever. If you are faithful and you trust Him, He will bless you.


To learn more about Kelly, please visit her blog at www.

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