The List of Ten Plus One

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In an earlier post I talked about abstaining from TV for the month of July. If you missed that post, here’s a link to Royal Food & Techno Wavelengths. This post contains comments about the books I read during that month.

1 Julie Andrews.jpg1. Home by Julie Andrews: Several years ago, my oldest daughter gifted me this book for my birthday. She knows I enjoy reading memoirs, biographies, and autobiography’s. While I think movie stars lead fascinating lives, some pay a very high price for fame. Although Julie seems to be relatively down to earth, this book does reveal some family struggles. Unless you are a diehard Andrews fan and must have a new edition of the book, I’d recommend you search for this one at thrift shops and second time around bookstores.

2 Nancy Drew.jpg

2. Nancy Drew – The Hidden Staircase: As a kid, numerous Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew stories lined our bookshelves. Ironically, I can’t recall reading any of those books. I figured it was time. This was a quick read, but targets the younger audience. If you have a youngster in the home who loves mysteries, I recommend these books (although a little outdated with the technology component and some phrases).

3 Laura Ingalls.jpg


3. Laura: After reading this book I wanted to jump in the car and travel to all the sites listed. I’m simply captivated by the pioneer lifestyle. I’ll skip telling you about shedding a few tears when I reached the end of the book.


4 Dark Canyon.jpg4. Dark Canyon: I love Louis L’Amour books and have read so many of them I’ve lost track of what I’ve read and haven’t read. It doesn’t matter though. I like his books so much that I’d read them over and over.

5 Key Lock Man


5. The Key-Lock Man: I couldn’t resist another western.


6 WHWWSY2G.jpg

6. What Happens When Women Say Yes to God: Several years ago I read this book for the first time. Because I spent the month abstaining from TV, I figured I should read it again. I’m glad I did. Last time I read the book I didn’t complete the included questions, so that part was new for me. If you are looking for a book to encourage you to finally say YES to God, grab a copy of this one. It’s a short read, but provides food for thought.

7 Nick V.jpg


7. Life Without Limits: Nick Vujicic is such an inspiration. Someday I want to meet this guy. After reading his book and all he has accomplished, there are no excuses left on the planet for why someone can’t do something—especially if you are fully limbed and of sound mind.



8 AHShakesUp.jpg

8. Agnes Hopper Shakes Up Sweetbriar: Carol’s book contains characters struggling with numerous life issues. Agnes, the main character, is thrust into a nursing home, and doesn’t want to be there. She misses farm life, her husband, and her freedom. All three of those components impact her behavior and her attitude, and leads her into multiple escapades. I understand Carol’s working on book two, and I look forward to reading the newest antics of Agnes Hopper.

9 Bruces Tooth.jpg


9. Bruce’s Loose Tooth: Yes, this is a kids book, and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I read it again—for like the billionth time. Because I love this book!


10 Cat Lunch.jpg

10. Never Let Your Cat Make Lunch For You: And this is another kids book that I absolutely love, and have read for the billionth and one time—because—did I say I love this book too!


11 Old Yeller.jpg

11. Old Yeller: This is the plus one book. I kind of felt like I might have cheated reading two kids books and two Louis L’Amour books, so I added this one to the mix. Now in my defense, I was gone a lot during the month of July, but still, I wanted to—no I needed to complete my goal of the ten books. This one has been on my shelf for years, and although I’ve seen the movie numerous times, I’ve never read the book. And now that I have I can tell you that it is slightly different than the movie. If I’m honest, I was a bit disturbed at how the oldest boy treated his brother and the dog at the beginning of the book. However, with each new experience, he began to change for the better as he saw life from a different perspective.


What books are you currently reading? Share your lists in the comment section.

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