Abba’s Promise – Launch Week


It’s T minus a little less than 48 hours for the official release of CrossRiver’s newest anthology—Abba’s Promise—and I am thrilled to be one of the contributors. When I wrote my story, A Journey Through the Maze, I had no idea the new twists and turns life would take our family.

Shortly after I submitted my story, we found ourselves facing a move to a new state. That move entailed uprooting from 19 years of life in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the only home our two daughters knew. The reality for our oldest included missing her senior year of high school with her best friends, and entering her final year of school with a new group of students. Truthfully, we all were grappling with the enormity of starting over in an area where we knew no one. Yet, we knew God was directing us to go.

In the midst of wrapping up our time in Lancaster County I received word that my story was selected for CrossRiver’s anthology. As I reread my story submission, I was struck by the similarity of what I had written and the current journey our family was on. Still, in both cases, God continued to guide us along our way.

With the release of the anthology this week, I’ve reflected on all that has transpired since I wrote A Journey Through the Maze. The common theme of the collection echoes what God reminds us daily—He is faithful, and His promises remain true—regardless of where He leads or what life throws our way.

For each person who reads the pages of Abba’s Promise, my prayer is that you not only recognize Gods hand in your own life, but you also know that His faithfulness prevails in all circumstances.


2 thoughts on “Abba’s Promise – Launch Week

  1. Happy for your adjustment and your openness to trusting in your source of strength and confidence. Congratulations on being included in the anthology. I remember your post from a while ago when you wondered whether anyone would be interested in what you had written. Now many people will be inspired by your thoughts and your graceful writing. Bruce

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