The Impact of a Teacher

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I’m excited to announce that the story I wrote about the high school teacher who impacted me the most will be featured in the upcoming Chicken Soup collection titled Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Teachers.


This title is due to hit the bookstore shelves on April 18, 2017.


4 thoughts on “The Impact of a Teacher

  1. Jill, I am thrilled for you. As a former teacher (at college and community college levels) I have been inspired by many teachers in my life, and by students too. I hope i’ve inspired a few students along the way. What a terrific acknowledgment for you. I will buy the book and look forward to reading your piece. The Chicken Soup series is wonderful. I hope you inspire many readers.

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    • Thanks so much for your comments and kind words, Bruce. Your photography and stained glass blogs are impressive, and if they are any indication of the care and concern you expressed during your teaching years, then I am confident that many students were inspired in your classroom. Indeed the CR series is a wonderful series. I too look forward to reading the stories by the other contributors.


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